110+ years of making science work for people

About Us

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited, a leading global pharmaceutical company, combines innovation and excellence to deliver high-quality healthcare solutions that improve lives worldwide. With a commitment to scientific advancement and a customer-centric approach, we strive to make a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.

Corporate Profile

Globally recognised for our strengths in R&D, manufacturing, product commercialisation as well as compliance with international regulatory standards.


For over a century, we've pioneered global healthcare advancements, ensuring widespread access to life-enhancing medicines, and leaving a lasting impact on human well-being.


Guided by the Alembic group's vision and legacy, our leadership team inspires us to reach new heights while staying true to our values.

Subsidiaries, Associates & JVs

Our growth story thrives on strategic partnerships, where our associates leverage our pharmaceutical industry expertise, quality, and insights for mutual benefit.


Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited has earned esteemed accolades for its excellence, innovation, and transformative impact in healthcare.

D&B Report & Certificates

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited's D&B reports and certificates affirm its financial strength, operational excellence, and industry adherence.


As a vertically integrated leader in healthcare and life sciences, we identify and address industry gaps, excelling in research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization to provide our clients with large-scale, high-quality, and timely product delivery.

India Formulations

As a trusted Indian pharmaceutical company, we provide a diverse range of specialty medicines, targeting market growth and expanding our consumer base with strong brand recall among medical professionals.

International Generics

Our global suite of products, strategic partnerships, and strong US front-end fuel our continuous business growth, reaching partners across Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

As a vertically integrated drugs manufacturer, we develop in-house APIs, expanding our portfolio globally, ensuring quality assurance and delivery at scale, solidifying our position in the API business.


As a science-led, growth-oriented organization, our primary objective is to deliver unparalleled returns and increased value to our shareholders by introducing groundbreaking pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products.

Financial Information

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited ensures transparent and accurate financial information, empowering stakeholders with comprehensive insights into its fiscal performance.

Quarterly Results

We provide timely and detailed quarterly results, enabling stakeholders to track the company's financial performance and make informed decisions.

Investor Presentations

We presents concise and informative investor updates, providing key financial insights and growth prospects.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide in-depth financial insights and highlight key achievements and strategic endeavours.

Business Update

We offer frequent business updates, keeping stakeholders informed about financial progress and operational advancements.

Corporate Governance

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited upholds strong corporate governance practices, ensuring transparency, accountability, and responsible decision-making for the benefit of its investors.

Governance philosophy

By fostering effective accountability, we empower our management team to convert opportunities into achievements, driving the progress of the company for the benefit of stakeholders.

Board Of Directors

Our leadership team, deeply connected to the Alembic group, preserves the founding vision, motivating the entire company to achieve new heights while staying true to our values.

Composition of the Committees

We ensure a well-structured composition of committees, promoting robust corporate governance practices and diverse expertise within the organization.

Policies & Codes

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited maintains robust policies and codes, promoting ethical conduct and responsible business practices in line with strong corporate governance.

Criteria for making payment to Non-Executive Director

We follow transparent criteria for payments to Non-Executive Directors, upholding strong corporate governance practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited demonstrates its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, driving positive impact through sustainable initiatives that benefit both society and investors.

Shareholder Information

We provide comprehensive shareholder information, ensuring transparency and effective communication to empower investors with relevant updates and resources.

Shareholding Pattern

We disclose our shareholding pattern, providing a clear overview of the distribution and ownership of shares among its stakeholders.


We promptly share notices, correspondences, and disclosures, ensuring transparent and effective communication with its shareholders.


We comply with IEPF guidelines, protecting shareholder interests and facilitating unclaimed dividend and share processes.

Unpaid/Unclaimed Dividend

We provide necessary information and processes for the resolution of unpaid/unclaimed dividends, ensuring proper communication and support for shareholders.


We share pertinent information on Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP), keeping shareholders informed about the company's fundraising activities and opportunities.


We share our MOA and AOA, providing shareholders with insights into the company's legal framework and governance structure.

Familiarization Programme

We conduct a shareholder familiarization program to enhance understanding of the company's operations and corporate governance.

Scheme of Arrangement Aleor & APL

We share Aleor and APL Scheme details, ensuring transparency for shareholders during restructuring.

Scheme of Arrangement Reorganization of General Reserves

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited informs shareholders about the reorganization of general reserves through the Scheme of Arrangement, providing insights into the restructuring process.

Subsidiaries, Associates & JV's

We disclose information regarding its subsidiaries, associates, and joint ventures, offering investors insights into the company's diversified business interests.

Investor Relations

We maintain a strong investor relations program, fostering effective communication and building relationships with investors to ensure transparency and trust.

Investor Related Forms

Investor Related Forms

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited provides necessary investor-related forms, facilitating streamlined processes and efficient communication with shareholders.

TDS On Dividend

We adhere to TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) regulations on dividend payments, ensuring compliance and providing relevant information to investors.

Disclosure under Regulation 46 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited complies with SEBI (LODR) Regulations, ensuring transparent and timely disclosure of information to investors.

Disclosure under Regulation 62 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations

We ensure compliance with Regulation 62 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, enabling transparent disclosure of relevant information for the benefit of investors.


Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited actively collaborates with media platforms to ensure effective dissemination of company updates, achievements, and industry developments.

Press Releases

We issue press releases to provide timely and accurate information to media outlets, ensuring transparent and comprehensive communication with the public.

News & Insights

We share news and insights, offering valuable information and industry perspectives to media outlets and stakeholders.

Alembic Gallery

The campus of Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited provides a state-of-the-art environment, fostering innovation and collaboration for its employees in pursuit of scientific excellence.

Reporting Side Effect

To report an adverse event related to an Alembic product, stakeholders can access dedicated channels for timely and efficient communication and ensure prompt attention to safety concerns.


As a prominent Indian pharmaceutical company, we strive to enhance capacities for high-quality solutions, leveraging manufacturing expertise and innovation to foster customer loyalty, brand recognition, and a positive impact on people's lives.


Alembic's manufacturing culture of excellence, with world-class facilities and skilled workforce, ensures efficient production, top-quality standards, and agility to meet evolving market demands.

Research and Development

With advanced technologies, strategic partnerships, and a dedicated team, we drive R&D advancements in high-growth therapies, aiming for leadership in markets with a strong product pipeline including specialty and complex generics.

Quality and Compliance

Our unwavering commitment to quality, compliance, and adherence to global standards earns us the trust and loyalty of customers, partners, and regulatory bodies worldwide.


Creating societal value through community engagement, ethics, and charitable efforts, we have earned stakeholder trust as a trusted brand, exemplified by the establishment of the Alembic CSR Foundation in 2015 with dedicated task forces in Education, Health, and Community Development.


By adopting schools and improving facilities, we empower communities through quality education, fostering a resilient society.


At Alembic, our mission is to promote equitable access to quality healthcare, transforming lives and saving countless souls.


To ensure access to quality medicines for all, we drive sustainable development initiatives and tackle pressing societal challenges through our Foundation's dedicated efforts.


As a science-led and research-driven organization, we foster a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and openness, leveraging the knowledge, expertise, and dedication of our people to drive our success

Life At Alembic

Our diverse team drives global healthcare solutions through meritocracy, recognition programs, and regular leadership reviews for coaching and barrier removal.


We foster a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and openness to leverage the knowledge, expertise, and dedication of our people as a science-led, research-driven organization.