110+ years of making science work for people

People are significant part of our organization as they are directly responsible to fulfil our vision and mission. A diverse team of skilled and accountable employees drive sustainable growth of the company. Our human capital works in a cross-functional collaborative structure to serve our purpose and deliver quality healthcare to the world. We strive on knowledge, skill, and expertise of our professionals to deliver value-added consumer experience.

We are building our own talent pool by taking fresh graduates on board and training them by our experienced team members to overcome the unavailability of competent pharma professionals. We aligned their fresh energy and aspirations with our vision and created a robust and adaptable team for excellence.

We have identified multiple hazards that are specific to our industry, which are particularly associated with chemical exposure of hazardous solvents and reagents. Employees being one of our chief resources, we prioritize their safety concerns and deploy mitigation measures.

Combining our efforts in safety and health promotion within human capital align with our vision towards a sustainable culture and economy. We aim to provide a safe workspace to all our employees.

Life at Alembic