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Alembic Events

Town Hall 2023

A Town Hall event for Level 1 and Level 2 employees was held at our Formulation 1 Site in Panelav.

Employees had the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions, resulting in several valuable suggestions that we're committed to implementing.

The focus was on listening to our employees and addressing their concerns.

We plan to organize Town Hall at other sites too.

The response was truly encouraging. Take a look at the pics!

Miywaki Plantation

Alembic has procured additional land for developing green belt in Panelav region, and has already planted 15,000 number of trees in and around its facilities. We endeavour to upgrade the number of trees planted to 50,000 by 2027, using Miyawaki method of plantation. Furthermore, we have already developed a demonstration project of 1,900 trees in Miyawaki and plans to scale it up in next 4 years.

World Environment Day

A Vibrant Celebration of World Environment Day at Alembic 2023!

Safety Week Celebrations

52nd Safety Week celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor.

Scientist of the Quarter Rewards

Celebrating Scientific Spirit and Innovation at ARC

Alembic Parivaar Card

Unlocking Wellness: Health care with Financial Ease!

Celebration at Crèche

Joyful Celebration of Inception Day with Children!