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Alembic Pharma is the parent division of the Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. which has grown in last 100 years to become a multi-specialty division for the company. Macrolides have been at the forefront of this division with strong brands viz. Althrocin (Erythromycin), Roxid (Roxithromycin) & Cloff (Clarithromycin) being launched amongst the medical fraternity to provide best of macrolides across the grades of respiratory infections.

Today, Pharma Division of Alembic is moving ahead strongly with a goal to provide best in class therapy for patients with respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis, hypertension, diabetes, nutritional deficiency, liver disorder and acidity. In totality, Alembic Pharma offers you a complete therapy for treating & relieving acute to chronic diseases.

The “No.1 Brand of Roxithromycin” with undisputed leadership for last 25 years. Roxid is the first line for URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infections). Roxid is available in multiple dosage forms like tablets for adults; drops, suspension, dispersible tablet for pediatric patients. Roxid has it’s presence across the country in more than 300 cities & towns.

Cloff is a brand of Clarithromycin for respiratory infections. Cloff is available as tablets & suspensions for patients of all age group.

Vitaresp FX
Vitaresp FX is the “Most trusted brand of ENTs” for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis. Vitaresp FX is a brand of Montelukast with Fexofenadine, which provides relief from symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis like Sneezing & Irritability without inducing sedation. Vitaresp FX is available in tablets, Suspension & Dispersible tablet formulation for treating Allergic Rhinitis in different patient groups.

Tetanis a Brand of Telmisartan, a “Unique Anti-Hypertensive” for newly detected hypertensive and is also available in various combinations for patients with uncontrolled hypertension.

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