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Acluster specializing in Innovative Care by Simplifying Women’s Healthcare.It has a strong foothold in Hormones and Nutraceuticals thereby providing comprehensive solutions by offering unique, 1st time in country products for

  • Pre Conception
  • Conception
  • Post Conception

Mega brands

Gestofit SR (Zenovi):Revolutionising Progesterone therapy for Pregnancy and beyond…
GestofitSR containing Natural Micronized Progesterone (NMP) is India’s First Oral Aqueous Base Progesterone.Earlier progesterone was meant for vaginal use but introduction of Gestofit SR has revolutionized the progesterone therapy by increasing Compliance and Convenience for the patients in LPD, Threatened and Habitual Abortion

Richar CR(Alcare):The only GI friendly Hematinic
Richar CR is a product containing Ferrous Ascorbate controlled release tablet launched for the 1st time in India.Unique technology in Richar CR enables the tablet to release in duodenum which prevents side-effects like nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain.

New Vehycal (Elena):Superior calcium benefits in Pregnancy & Lactation
New Vehycalis a calcium supplement for pregnant and lactating women which enhances compliancewith its unique features like mint fragrance, small size tablet and ensuring 92% calcium absorption

Ovigyn DSR (Zenovi)
Ovigyn DSR helps women to fulfill the dream of motherhood by acting on the basics of folliculogenesis and providing 24 Hours Nourishment to the Oocyte.

Crina NCR (Zenovi):Provides convenient once daily solution to women in Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
From Non-Compliance to Compliance, Crina NCR provides a Comprehensive Solution to DUB patients with once daily dosing

Lactonic(Elena):Ensures Healthy Lactation Consistently
Lactonic is a natural and 100% safe solution to boost Healthy Lactation as it offers more than just Shatavari as it is fortified with 6 precious ingredients to ensure qualitative and quantitative milk production immediately post delivery

New Folinal Range (Elena):Significantly Reduces Hyperhomocysteinemia
The complete range of Active Folic Acid (L-MethlyFolate) which benefits every pregnant woman throughout her pregnancy by significantly reducing Hyperhomocysteinemia.

Folinal D: Active Folic Acid with DHEA advantage
Folinal D is a DHEA Supplementation with Active Folic Acid which ensures optimum foetal growth and development

Cycloset Syrup (Zenovi): AssuredUterotonic effect with Compliance
Time Tested and Trusted molecules for long term use in PCOS and Menstrual Irregularities by offering Convenience and Compliance