Education has the power to significantly uplift the fortunes of whole communities and help build a more tenacious society. We are providing gratuitous, quality education by adopting schools and enhancing the facilities and systems in them to create a favourable environment for learning.

Vikas Vidyalaya, Panchmahal

Vikas Secondary and Higher Secondary Vidyalaya is a Gujarati medium school affiliated to the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board, located on the campus of Rural Development Society (RDS), Panelav, Gujarat. It was established in 2002 to provide free education to community members of 15 villages in and around Panelav. What started as a school with 47 students is currently an institution with 331 students between grades 9 and 12 in the Humanities division.

People in the local communities prefer sending their children, especially daughters, to this school because of it proximity to their homes.

Key contributions

  • Appointing qualified teachers across subject matters
  • Emphasising holistic development for students with focus on extra-curricular activities
  • Conducting cultural activities, inter-school competitions and field trips, among others
  • Organising regular health check-ups and providing medical assistance
  • Engaging professional child psychologists and counsellors to support students through personal and academic concerns
  • Providing nutritious meals for physical development


  • Courses offered on basic topics covered in the curriculum for grades 1 to 8 for all major subjects
  • Scholarships for best performing students were provided to pursue higher studies
  • Health camps led by expert doctors from reputed urban hospitals to conduct necessary pathological tests and identify health risks and medication
  • Annual picnics, celebrations and farewell for grade 12 students
  • Parent orientation meeting to familiarise parents with the school and hostel facilities
  • Workshops on first aid, menstrual hygiene and yoga were organised to expose students to other crucial facets beyond academics
  • Annual newsletter, ‘Vikas Darpan’ is published at the end of the academic year, featuring important events and achievements of the year

Beneficiary experience

“Vikas Vidyalaya is the only higher secondary school in close vicinity where we can send our daughters without any concern. Earlier there were hardly any girls in the nearby villages who pursued studies after class 10.”

-Shubhash Baria
Father of Urvashi Baria, a student of class 12

Due to the Alembic Scholarship, I received financial help that helped further my dreams of pursuing higher education and becoming a nurse. I am proud to say that today I have been able to implement my learnings into a stable, well-paying job and it wouldn't have been possible without Alembic's aid.

-Heena Parmar
Winner of Alembic Scholarship, Panelav

Vikas Boys Hostel

A boys’ hostel with 225 rooms is also part of the Vikas Vidyalaya campus. The residential facilities are well equipped, and the residents are involved in multiple experiential learning activities, including field trips, talks and workshops, indoor and outdoor activities, sports tournaments, among others.

Beneficiary speak

My son has become much disciplined in the last year. Being at Vikas Vidyalaya and Vikas Boys Hostel has made him more focused on academics and I am happy to see the improvement. The hostel facility is a boon for us as we are always assured that our children are well cared for.

-Narendra Kumar Solanki
Father of Siddharth Solanki, a student of class 9

Secondary government schools in Chhota Udepur

As part of our Foundation’s response to the Government of Gujarat appeal, we adopted eight government secondary schools in Chhota Udepurh.

Key contributions

  • Appointing teachers with specialised training across subjects
  • Giving students individual attention and training on improving writing and
    problem-solving skills through regular mock exams

District level teacher training programme

  • 513 teachers from 108 government, residential and grand-in-aid schools from Chhota Udepur received training, covering nine higher secondary grade subjects
  • Workshops were focused on improving soft skills
  • Interactive sessions for teachers to share experiences and collectively solve the issues they face on a day-to-day basis

Beneficiary speak

Alembic CSR Foundation has been Organising the district level teacher training every year and I never miss any of them as they are key to being able to help promising young students reach greater heights. I have incorporated the methods taught in my daily teaching practice, which I feel have improved my teaching skills. The reading material given is also very useful.

-Hirabhai G. Parmar
Teacher, Shri. T. B. Vidyalaya, Koshindra