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Dermatology & Cosmetology are dynamic sciences in the world and we are involving our best efforts to forefront this segment. Alembic Corium is committed for its first time in India launches, whose dedicated approach has led to develop many innovative products and services for both patients and doctors.

We have a spectrum of products based on first of its kind for Hair & Skin.

Range of Product for Hair Care, first of it’s kind.
corium hair care

Grocapix is the first brand in Capixyl in Indian market for androgenic Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium. Grocapix is available in solution form which contains Capyxil – 5%

Altris – 5 is a the only topical brand available for premature canities (premature hair greying) which contains Melitane-5%.

Altris HD – It is a first prescribed hair hue therapy in Indian market for the patients suffering from allergic contact dermatitis occurred due to chemical hair dye containing p-phenylenediamine (PPD), ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide. Altris HD is the first natural hair hue therapy in the Indian pharmaceutical industry which contains 9 natural botanical ingredients.

Altris HD contains,

  • Indigofera tinctoria (Indigo) : Helps to achieve natural deep dark brown& black shades
  • Lawsonia inermis (Mehndi) : Tightens hair cuticle, increases the hair body & luster, makes hair soft & silky
  • Bacoppa monnieri (Brahmi) : Transmits nutrients to the hair roots resulting in hair growth, prevents hair colour change & strengthens them
  • Emblica officinalis (Amla) : Prevents premature hair greying and hair fall, acts as natural conditioner, and hair tonic
  • Rubia cardifollia (Manjishtha) : Darkens colour, prevents hair loss and dandruff
  • Senegalia catechu (Khair) : It has powerful therapeutic antioxidants properties
  • Acacia concinna (Shikakai) : Cleanses the hair, promotes hair growth, and helps remove dandruff and lice
  • Eclipta alba (Bhangra) : Moisturises hair, provides multi-vitamins that strengthen the hair shaft which provides natural shine & protection from dandruff
  • Coffea arabica (Coffee) : Protects against UV-A & UV-B radiation

Range of Product for Skin Care first of it’s kind.