Commitment beyond business

Touching Lives Across Communities

At the Alembic Group of Companies, building better businesses has always been synonymous with building a better world. We believe that our position in the community makes us responsible for its well-being and progress. This belief has been a part of our operating system since we were established in 1907. Regular community support and ethical business practices have made Alembic a brand that inspires trust. In order to centralise our efforts and provide more thrust to our charitable initiatives, we set up Alembic CSR Foundation (ACSRF) in May 2015. We work extensively in Vadodara, Chhota Udepur and Panchmahal districts in the areas of Education, Health, Women Empowerment, Community Developments and Environmental Conservation.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

We understand that education has the power to transform lives. It can change the fortunes of a community and help build a society that thrives. In our efforts to provide free, good quality education, we have adopted a number of schools and institutions in Chhota Udepur, Panchmahal and Vadodara.

Chhota Udepur: Eight Government Secondary SchoolsAdopted

Alembic CSR Foundation responded to the appeal of Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mrs. Anandiben Patel, and adopted eight Government Secondary Schools in Chhota Udepur District in the year 2014-15. The schools had a passing percentage below 30% in their previous academic year. Our team of experienced mentors worked with students from standards 9 and 10 in a very systematic manner to improve their Board Exam results. In Gunata, one of the secondary schools we adopted, the pass percentage rise was as high as 75% for class 10.

Encouraged by this progress, the Government of Gujarat requested Alembic CSR Foundation to adopt the eight schools for an additional five years so that we could continue to support these institutions and their students.

Activity highlights:

  1. Nine subject teachers appointed
  2. Orientation and refresher workshops for teachers conducted to help teachers be better guides
  3. Students made to practice and improve writing skills by solving five mock exams per subject
  4. Individual feedback provided to each student on each subject

Chhota Udepur: District Level Teacher Training Program

In order for students to improve, we must support our teachers. Only when they are equipped with the right tools, can they help elevate the minds of our students. For three consecutive years, we have been organising District Level Teacher Training to provide our teachers with these tools.

Each of the trainers present had decades of teaching expertise. They are also associated with respected educational institutions. The Collector and DDO of Chhota Udepur took a personal interest in the teacher training program and assured that its resource material would be made available at all government and grant-in-aid schools. This would ensure that every school would have ready access to the subject material.

Activity highlights:

  1. 513 teachers from 108 government, residential and grand-in-aid schools from Chhota Udepur received training
  2. The training covered nine higher secondary grade subjects
  3. The training focused on improving soft skills along with imparting curriculum to foster holistic improvement
  4. An interactive session was held so teachers could share experiences and collectively solve the issues they face on a day-to-day basis

Success Stories:

"Alembic CSR Foundation has been organizing the District Level Teacher Training for past 3 years. I attend it every year as I don't want to miss on the useful information given for improving the grades of our students. I have incorporated the methods taught in my daily teaching practice. I myself feel that I have improved my teaching skills. The reading material given is also very useful."
Hirabhai G. Parmar
Teacher, Shri. T. B. Vidyalaya, Koshindra

Panchmahal: Vikas Vidyalaya

Vikas Secondary and Higher Secondary Vidyalaya is a Gujarati medium, GSHSB Schoollocated on the campus of Rural Development Society (RDS), Panelav village, Taluka Halol, District Panchmahal. The school was established in the year 2002 with the aim to provide free education to community members of 15 villages in and around Panelav.

This school opened with 47 students in class 8. Currently, the school conducts classes for 331 students from class 9 to 12 (Arts stream).

We are delighted to note that the local villagers prefer sending their children, especially their daughters, to this school because of its proximity to their homes. The facilities we provide also make us an obvious choice over other schools in the region.

Activity highlights:

  1. Qualified graduate and post-graduate teachers on staff to provide quality education
  2. Holistic development for students with an equal focus on given to extra-curricular activities along with conventional studies
  3. Students participate in cultural activities, inter-school competitions, field trips, etc.
  4. Workshops conducted to increase awareness and develop new interests and abilities
  5. Regular health check-ups conducted and medical assistance provided to those in need
  6. Professional child psychologists/ counsellors engaged to support students’ personal and academic issues
  7. Nutritious meals provided for physical development and motivation to attend school

A brief look at our endeavours:

1. Foundation Course
The Foundation Course was developed with the view of revising the basic topics covered in the curriculum of classes from 1-8 for all the major subjects (English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Maths, Science and Social Science). In the first month of the new academic year, the Foundation Course for classes 9 & 10 helped students to recapitulate the topics studied in previous classes along with clarification of doubts.

2. School Election and Leadership Camp
School Council members and house captains are elected by the students themselves. The elected student leaders interact with the School Councils of other Alembic Group of Schools in a two-day Leadership Camp.

3. Parent Orientation Meeting
At the beginning of the academic year, a Parent Orientation Meeting was organized to familiarize the parents with the school and hostel facilities and their rules and regulations.

4. Student Felicitation and Scholarship
The top three rank holders of class 10 were felicitated to recognize their performance in the board exams at the Parent Orientation Meeting. The topper of Class 12 was awarded a full scholarship to pursue higher studies.

5. Health Camp
All students underwent a physical check-up conducted by expert doctors from a reputed urban hospital. Blood tests were also conducted to identify health risks and medication was provided after a doctor’s consultation.

6. Celebrations
Festivals like Navratri, Diwali and kite flying were celebrated in school. National days like Independence Day and Republic Day were celebrated along with the Primary school teachers, students and the community members.

7. Competitions
Inter-house competitions were organized which included Quiz, Gujarati folk song singing, poster making and Hindi storytelling along with sports competition.

8. Interschool/ District and state level competitions
The students participated in interschool/ district/ state level competitions like Science Fair and Khel Maha Kumbh.

9. Picnics
Day-long picnics were organised to Ajwa Water Park and Kamati Bagh for all classes.

10. Student Counselling
A professional counsellor visits twice in a month to interact with the students individually and in groups. This helps students discuss and resolve problems faced both at the personal and academic front.

11. Workshops
Workshops covering topics like first aid, menstrual hygiene and yoga were organized to expose students to other important areas apart from academics.

12. Annual Day Celebration
A dance drama performance titled 'Gopi Gawaiya, Bhaiju Bajaiya' was presented by students of all classes. Students got an opportunity to showcase their dancing and dramatic skills. They were also involved in overall arrangements.

13. Newsletter
An annual newsletter “Vikas Darpan” was published at the end of the academic year featuring important events and achievements of the year.

14. Farewell
An event was organised to bid farewell to outgoing class 10 and 12 students. Special dance performances by class 9 and 11 and games were a part of the event.

Success Stories:

Moghi Nayak, a disciplined student of class 11, was suddenly irregular at school. Her classmates informed that she wasunwell. The villagers tagged her as insane and her movement was restricteddue to superstitious beliefs. Her parents incurred substantial expenses visiting local doctors but she did not receive proper treatment. A professional counsellor, who regularly visited Vikas Vidyalaya, subsequently referred her to a psychologist. Moghireceived counselling and medication and resumed regular school within a month. Moghi has nowappeared for her class 12 board exams and aspires to be a teacher. Her parents, who were concerned about their daughter’s mental wellbeing, are now looking forward to her pursuing higher studies.

“My daughter’s class 12 board exams have really gone well. When she took admission in school, her mental health was not proper, but it has shown drastic improvement due to school’s environment and the intervention by the counsellor. We are hoping that she will pass with good results in class 12. Thank you Alembic for standing by us!”
Vinod Nayak
Father of Moghi Nayak, a student of class 12

“Vikas Vidyalaya is the only higher secondary school in close vicinity where we can send our daughters without any concern. Earlier there were hardly any girls in the nearby villages who pursued studies after class 10.”
Shubhash Baria
Father of Urvashi Baria, a student of class 12

"In villages girls never go to college, the prime reason being the financial constraints apart from social restrictions. My daughter topped in class 12, at Vikas Vidyalaya and got a scholarship. She could pursue her higher studies. I also want her to take up a job in future. I am proud to say that my daughter will be the first girl from the village to graduate.”
Bharat Solanki
Father of Dimple Solanki, Alembic Scholarship holder, pursuing BCA

The Alembic CSR Foundation launched the ‘Alembic Scholarship’ forVikas Vidyalaya’s top 3 class 12 students. In 2016, Heena Parmar, a student here, received this scholarship and enrolled in a nursing course. Heena is a girl from a rural area where higher studies for girls are not encouraged. Despite that, sheattended Parul University at Vadodara. Quarterly follow-up visits were done by a representative of Alembic CSR Foundation to keep a check on her academic performance and keep her motivated to complete her education. We are delighted to report that Heena was able to complete her nursing course and today is working as Nurse at Dhiraj Hospital, Waghodia, Vadodara.

“Due to the Alembic Scholarship, I received financial help for living my dreams of pursuing higher education and becoming a nurse. I am proud to say that today I earn Rs. 6,000/- per month, all thanks to Alembic!”
Heena Parmar
The receiver of Alembic Scholarship, Panelav village

Panchmahal: Vikas Boys Hostel

A boys hostel with room for 225 boys is also part of the campus. The hostel was established in the year 2011 with the enrolment of 25 students. At present, the hostel is home to 190 boys. Apart from providing good residential facilities, the students are also involved in multiple activities to make them feel at home and provide learning experiences. Various activities like field trips, talks and workshops, activity classes, indoor and outdoor activities, cricket tournaments, kho-khocompetitions, etc. are conducted.

A brief look at our endeavours:

1. Field trips: Every month a field trip is organised for hostel students in the evening after school hours. This gives them an opportunity to visit new places.

2. Workshops: Experienced field experts are invited to conduct workshops with hostel students. These workshops are focussed on different aspects of life and deal with topics to which students have limited exposure. Full student participation is ensured making the sessions fun-filled and interactive.

3. Activity classes: Apart from academics students are involved in hobby classes. The hobby classes include art and craft classes and a dance class conducted by a professional choreographer. These classes give them a change from their routine and serve as a medium to express their creativity.

4. Indoor and outdoor activities: During their leisure time students freely participate in various indoor and outdoor activities. They voluntarily involve themselves in gardening (as we have a vast green campus). Indoor games, provided in each room, help nurture qualities like team spirit and sharing and taking care of the facilities provided to them. Various sports outdoor equipment provided to them is also a source of leisure and fitness for the students. Additionally, every Monday is “Movie Day” for the students with the latest movies being screened in the evening.

5. Competitions: Students are involved in various sports competitions like kabaddi, kho kho, volleyball, cricket, etc. This gives them an opportunity to work as a team and also inculcate leadership qualities.

Success Stories:

“My son has become disciplined since past one year. I have seen many boys from our village that go to other schools, bunking classes and wasting time. Being at Vikas Vidyalaya and Vikas Boys Hostel my son has got more focused towards studies and I am happy with this improvement. The hostel facility is a boon to us as we know that our children are well cared for."
Narendra Kumar Solanki
Father of Siddharth Solanki, a student of class 9

“The food facility in the school and hostel is excellent. The kind of food our children eat every day is so good – it seems like we eat food which we usually eat at marriages or big festivals.”
Ashok Thakkar
Father of Kakin Thakkar, a student of class 9


"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." - Mahatma Gandhi

Life can only be lived to the fullest if one is healthy. At Alembic, we know this. In an ideal world, there would be no disease. Unfortunately, this is not the reality we face every day. There are countless individuals suffering without the means or access to quality healthcare. In our own way, we have tried reaching out to them to try and help them live better lives.

Vadodara: Cancer Care

The Alembic CSR Foundation offers free cancer care for all its patients in an effort to reduce the burden of this terrible disease.

On World Cancer Day, February 4, 2018, we also opened our newest initiative, a free Paediatric Cancer Care Centre for Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) at Bhailal Amin General Hospital (BAGH).

Our free services include:

  • High-quality professional care in the form of isolation, chemotherapy, sepsis control, and transfusion
  • Consultation by Onco-Haematologist. Round-the-clock good quality treatment by qualified Medical Officers and Nursing Staff
  • Good quality nutrition for the beneficiaries
  • Psychological support to the beneficiaries and their family members
  • All medical facilities under one roof

Vadodara: Thalassemia Major

On World Thalassemia Day, May 7, 2017, Alembic CSR Foundation (ACSRF) with Bhailal Amin General Hospital (BAGH) opened a Free Blood Transfusion Centre for those suffering from Thalassemia Major. Free services provided by the centre include consultation, monthly and quarterly tests, blood/ donor arrangement and transfusions.

Thalassemia major patients also require infusion pumps to extract excess iron from their organs. The excess iron is a result of frequent blood transfusions. We appealed to fellow employees at the Alembic group to contribute towards the purchase of these pumps. We were humbled by the overwhelming support we received from them.

A brief look at our endeavours:

  • 396 free transfusions done
  • 8 blood donation camps organized
  • More than 400 Alembians joined the cause by donating blood
  • Rs. 5.20 lakhs raised in just 8 days from 384 Alembians for purchasing the Infusion Pumps
  • 8 Infusion Pumps each worth Rs. 38,000/- provided to needy Thalassemia Major Patients
  • 111 lives benefitted by the project in 2017-18

Success Stories:

“Earlier our children faced a lot of difficulties in arranging donors for blood transfusion that too every 15 days which now due to the Blood Transfusion Centre at Bhailal Amin General Hospital has resolved completely. I thank Alembic CSR Foundation for the same!”
Mr. Amrut Soni
Trustee, Aastha Thalassemia Trust & Parent of Thalassemia Major Patient

“I and my 37 friends go to Blood Transfusion Centre at Bhailal Amin General Hospital for getting our transfusions done regularly. A big Thank You to Alembic Foundation & Bhailal Amin Hospital from all of us.”
Vinita Kanani, 16 years
Thalassemia Major Patient

"Alembic has gifted a pump for free to my son of around Rs. 39,000/-. Purchasing this would not have been possible for people like us belonging to middle-class families. Thank You to the Foundation from the bottom of my heart.”
Mrs. Heena Parekh
Parent of Thalassemia Major Patient

“The Blood Transfusion Centre at Bhailal Amin General Hospital is a boon for Thalassemia Major Patients like me and our families as all the required facilities are provided for free under one roof. A facility like this has helped us save time!”
Ronak Meghnathi, 19 years
Thalassemia Major Patient


“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” - Idowu Koyenikan

Vadodara: Fatehsinh Arya Anath Ashram Adoption

In February 2016, the Alembic CSR Foundation adopted Fatehsinh Arya Anath Ashram located in Karelibaug, Vadodara. Our aim was to promote the overall development of orphan, single-parent and destitute boys. Currently, the ashram is home to 38 boys.

A brief look at our endeavours:

  • The ashram received plastering, painting & electrical upgrades
  • 11 different musical instruments were bought for the boys & a music teacher was appointed
  • Football & cricket kits were bought for the boys & a coach was appointed to teach various games
  • Student kits comprising 2 pairs of school uniforms, one clothing set (track pant, t-shirt & cap), sports shoes and socks were given to each child
  • A free eye check-up camp for all children was organised and spectacles were provided to three children
  • Four field trips tothe Community Science Centre, Vadodara; Movie Show – Secret Superstar at Bansal Multiplex, Vadodara; Akshardham, Gandhinagar and Rural Development Society – Panelav, Panchmahals provide exposure and recreation for all children
  • A personal safety workshop was conducted by experts
  • Two quiz competitions focusing on general knowledge and academics were conducted
  • 38 lives were benefitted by the project in 2017-18

Success Stories:

“Alembic’s initiatives towards improving the infrastructure facilities has given a complete makeover to the institution. Children love their home away from home.”
Shri Krishnakant Verma
President, Shri Fatehsinh Arya Anath Ashram, Karelibaug, Vadodara

Vadodara: Two Government Primary Schools Adopted

At Alembic CSR Foundation we work closely with local representatives in order to provide better support to people who need support. In November 2016, we received a request from the District Collector at Vadodara to help improve the academic scores at two government primary schools, namely Sindhrot Prathmikshala & Sherkhi Prathmikshala. We adopted the schools and appointed a teacher to conduct remedial classes at both schools.

A brief look at our endeavours:

  • Appointed a teacher for conducting remedial classes at both schools
  • Conducted a workshop on personal hygiene & sanitation for 300 children and distributed hygiene kits to each child
  • Conducted a workshop on the importance of education through bhavai, a popular folk theatre form, for450 individuals who included children from class 6 through 8 and their parents.
  • Stationery kits were distributed to 300 children at the bhavai-themed workshop
  • 528 lives benefitted by the project in 2017-18

Vadodara: Bhikshuk Gruh & Sweekar Kendra Adopted

Bhikshuk Gruh & Sweekar Kendra at Warasiya, Vadodara is a government institution for the destitute and homeless. We adopted this institution in October 2016 with an aim to provide better living facilities for its residents.

A brief look at our endeavours:

  • Financial assistance provided for recruitment of a nurse, a security guard & two sweepers
  • Health camp organised for general and specialised (Dermatologist & Psychiatrist) check-ups of all residents
  • Medicines, as prescribed by the specialists, provided free of cost to all residents
  • 67 lives benefitted by the project in 2017-18

Chhota Udepur: Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) at Village Zoz Adopted

KGBV is a residential school for girls who are orphans, destitute,or from single-parent families.ACSRF adopted KGBV, Zoz, in October 2015 with an aim to provide better facilities for holistic development of girls in the age group of 10 to 16 years. Currently, there are 150 girls studying from class 6 to 10 residing here.

A brief look at our endeavours:

  • 100 school bags, bedsheets and pillow covers provided to girls from class 6 through 8
  • 2 solar lamps, 1 speaker with a mic donated to the institution
  • Footballs provided and a coach appointed to teach various games
  • 100 MCQ books of semester 1 & 2 distributed to girls from class 6 through 8
  • Free eye check-up camp for 150 girls conducted and spectacles provided for nine
  • Workshops on Personal Hygiene, Menstruation, and Yoga conducted
  • A quiz competition focusing on academics and general knowledge was organised
  • A two-day sports competition for athletic games and team games conducted
  • 150 lives benefitted by this project in 2017-18

Proud moments:

  • KGBV had a “D” grade when our Foundation adopted it in 2015-16. Since then with regular inputs, in 2017-18 it received an “A+” grade in the 1st semester of Kshamta Mapan Kasoti i.e. it ranked 1st in Chhota Udepur District amongst 8 KGBVs and 3rd in Gujarat State amongst 135 KGBVs.
  • Since the past two years, the girls from class 6 through 8 are being selected in the State Level Football Tournament. This year the girls of class 9 & 10 were also selected and represented Chhota Udepur District at the state level.

Success Stories:

“Alembic Foundation adopted our KGBV Zoz in 2015 when its grade in Kshamta Mapan Kasauti was ‘D’. With the regular academic interventions by providing us lesson plans, MCQ books, practise papers and constant monitoring, this year we have moved to ‘A+’ grade, ranking 3rd in Gujarat State. I on behalf of our entire staff, children and their guardians thank Alembic for helping our dreams come true.”
Minakshi A. Rathwa
Warden, KGBV, Zoz

Panchmahal: Panelav Region Development Program

For the past 35 years, ACSRF has been working tirelessly in 15 villages in the Panelav region on the areas of Health, Community Development, Education, Women Empowerment, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

A brief look at our endeavours:

1. Mega Events

  • Over 300 farmers received training on organic farming at Anand Agriculture University.
  • A group of 53 women from Panelav Panchayat visited Sahaj, a women’s organisation at Dahod
  • 55 Elderly people from Ujeti Panchayat visited religious places
  • Awareness programs on various themes across 15 villages were conducted for over 3000 people
  • Dinner & garba for 15 Villages of 4 Panchayats organised
  • 1200 sapling distributed to celebrate Environment Day.
  • Vikas Mela for community members of 15 villages organised as a part of a recreational activity
  • Programs on value education with 785 children fromtenprimary schools conducted
  • 128 animals medicated through Animal Medical Camp
  • 19 self-help groups formed in order to empower women through micro savings

2. Clean Drinking Water

  • In order to provide safe drinking water to the community, Alembic Foundation donated R. O. Plant with a capacity of 1000 LPH which caters to the need of more than 1,000 residents of Panelav village.

3. Vikas Arogya Kendra

  • Over 6000 patients benefitted every year
  • Gynaecologist appointed to visit on every 2n
  • d and 4th Friday of the month from Sept-2017Blood and urine test facility at 70% subsidized rate initiated at Vikas Clinic from Nov 2017
  • The nominal fee of 10 INR waived off from Nov 2017
  • Need-based free medical camp conducted - 1641 patients medicated

4. Vocational Training

  • Stitching – 221 Participants trained
  • Sewing Machine Distribution at 50% subsidy - 209 machines provided
  • Beauty Parlour – 65 participants trained
  • Embroidery – 140 participants trained

Success Stories:

"I am a member of Jay Mataji Sakhi Mandal (Self-help group). 10 women of Parekhpura village formed a small group with the guidance of Alembic Foundation and every month we saved Rs. 100/- each. Out of this money I took a loan of Rs. 10,000/- from the Sakhi Mandal for my daughter’s education. I am very thankful to the foundation to help us form this group.”
Naynaben Tuvar
Member of the self-help group, Parekhpura village

“I got enrolled in the Beauty Parlour class run by Alembic Foundation for free of cost and learnt the skill. Today, I am taking orders from clients during marriage season and earning more than Rs. 5,000/- per order.”
Urmila Chauhan
Student of the Vikas Talim Kendra (vocational training centre)

“I am thankful to Alembic CSR Foundation for putting R.O. water plant for the residents of Panelav village. Due to this R.O. plant, we are now able to get pure drinking water and all the community members use this R.O. plant."
Champaben Parmar
Panelav village

“Alembic CSR Foundation runs free stitching classes which gives training for 3 months per batch. I took benefit of this class where I got to learn various diagrams and stitching techniques. After doing this class I got sewing machine at 50% subsidised rate from the foundation. With this coaching and sewing machine today I get various orders for making dresses, blouses, etc. and I am able o earn around Rs. 1,500/- per month.”
Triveni Rao
Panelav village

During the last monsoon,an outbreak of chikungunya and malaria had afflicted many residents of Ambatalav village. During this time, the Alembic CSR Foundation received a request from the Panelav panchayat to organise a Medical camp for the villagers of Ambatalav. In response, ACSRF set up a Free Medical Camp at Vikas Arogya Kendra (Clinic) run by Alembic, for the patients.

In this camp, one patient, Ramanbhai Parmar, was severely afflictedwithchikungunyaand had lost all hope of getting cured. He was brought to this camp and received proper medication and care.On arrival, the pain caused by the disease made him unable to stand, but post medication and treatment he went home on his own. After the camp, Ramabhai took subsequent visits to complete his treatment and is now completely cured.

“I am thankful to Alembic CSR Foundation and Vikas Arogya Kendra for organizing this free medical camp and for saving my life. Due to Vikas Arogya Kendra today I am alive!”
Ramanbhai Parmar
Ambatalav village


Vadodara and Panchmahal: Sanitation Projects

We share our Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi’s dream of a Swachh Bharat. To that end, we initiated a sanitation project by constructing household toilets (HSLs) at Sindhrot Panchayat of Vadodara and Ujeti & Panelav Panchayats of Panchmahals Districts.

Project details:

  1. Need assessment surveys were conducted in the communities
  2. MOUs were signed with the panchayats and the implementation agency
  3. Awareness programs focusing on the need for utilization of toilets and maintaining its hygiene conducted for community members
  4. Regular monitoring was done by experts and civil engineer during the construction of the HSLs to ensure quality
  5. Lokarpan events conducted
  6. Cleaning kits distributed to the owners of the HSLs

A brief look at our endeavours:

  • 779 household toilets (HSLs) constructed
  • 779 hygiene kits distributed
  • 15 communities declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) namely; Krishnapura, Sardarawas, Gangapura, Mahipura, Nizampura, Ranchhodpura, Darbargadh Nano Bhag, Darbargadh Moto Bhag, Sindhrot Gaam, Rabari Vaas, Dajipura, Gangapura Sim & Otara Chokdi of Sindhrot Panchayat and Ujeti & Parekhpura of Ujeti Panchayat
  • More than 3,116 lives benefitted from this project in 2017-18

Success Stories:

“Alembic Foundation constructed toilets in Ujeti village last year. I could not build a toilet for my family due to lack of money. My family is thankful to Alembic for giving us a toilet. Now my wife doesn't need to go to the outskirts of the village early in the morning.”
Dahyabhai Solanki
Beneficiary, Ujeti village

“Toilet constructed by Alembic has helped increase safety of our women and children. Thank You Alembic for taking the initiative to make Sindhrot Open Defecation Free. “
Mr. Ramesh Gohil
Sarpanch, Sindhrot Gram Panchayat, Vadodara

Panchmahal: Dhinkwa Lake Project

Dhinkwa village is situated near the hilly area of Pavagath. This village has one natural water catchment area which also had a waste weir. This lake structure was one of the sources of water for the villagers of Dhinkwa for irrigation.Due to heavy rainfall about 6 years ago, this waste weir was washed away.As a result, groundwater levels reduced and created a shortage of water for the villagers of Dhinkwa.

Working closely with local authorities allows Alembic CSR Foundation to help reach out to communities facing issues that they are not equipped to handle by themselves. In September 2015, we received a request from the Collector, Panchamahal, to provide support for the residents of Dhinkwa village. We conducted a need assessment and concluded that what this community needed the most was to increase groundwater levels during the non-monsoon months. We figured that the best method was to construct a Waste Weir on a lake to conserve rainwater.

Under our Natural Water Resource Management project, we constructed a 24ft long and 10ft deep waste weir on Mota Dhinkwa Lake. The total time taken was 100 days.

A brief look at our endeavours:

  • 24ft long & 10ft deep Waste Weir constructed to increase groundwater levels
  • Over 12,500 lives benefitted by this project in 2017-18

Success Stories:

“Two years back Alembic CSR Foundation received an appeal letter from Dhinkwa Panchayat requesting for various projects from which the project of constructing waste weir was decided based on its importance and priority and a new waste weir was constructed. The new waste weir constructed by the foundation helps raise the groundwater levels and benefits more than 12,000 people residing in and around Dhinkwa village.”
Dhinkwa Panchayat

Rural Development Society