India Formulations

As one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies, we are dedicated to enhancing our capacities to develop high-quality, differentiated solutions to ensure good health and well-being for people everywhere. We work to calibrate strengths and build on our competencies within manufacturing and innovation to drive customer loyalty, brand recall and a greater difference in the lives of people.


Building on strengths to develop pathbreaking solutions

At Alembic, we are working to bring greater impact in medicine by continuously enriching our product portfolio and building an expansive market presence.

Alembic Manufacturing
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Research and Development

Championing breakthroughs
in healthcare

We believe in the science of human service. Large-scale, industry-leading investments in R&D has paved our leadership across regulated markets.

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Quality and Compliance

Quality that is innate

Excellence throughout the process. Nothing less cuts it for us. We rely on our people and equipment to ensure that every product leaving our facilities meets rigorous benchmarks of quality and compliance.

Quality and Compliance
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