A G Research

Research involves investigating all the latest technologies that are relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.

A. G. Research Private Limited is 100% subsidiary of Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited. Its registered address is Lab Suites 111&112,114 AND 123&124, Bl-1, 450, AKP, Genome Valley, Shameerpet, Turkapally (V), Hyderabad - 500078, Telangana INDIA.

AG Research is a research-driven company engaged in producing low cost products/ process technologies and intellectual property portfolios providing a definite edge to India in the international generics market. A. G. Research (AGR) has a 16000 SFT space located at 450 AKP Park at Turkapally Village, Shameerpet Mandal, Hyderabad. There are 3 major functions, viz.:- Formulation Development, Analytical Development & Peptide (API) Lab Development with a team of around 50 scientists of varied functions. All developmental activities are conducted as per global regulatory guidelines through in-house quality controlled designs using QbD & DOE concepts. The Intellectual Property portfolios are being created for differentiated & innovative ideas. These product/process technologies are subsequently scaled-up to commercial scale resulting in exports of drug (s) & formulated drug products adding significant value in dollar terms thereby empowering growth of the Indian economy.

Alembic boasts of a full-fledged research and development division with quality control to ensure quality of product and invention of new products.